This could Be you!

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Our Creative Team Members Will Have Multiple ways of Making Money and it will cost them Nothing. Sponsors and Free Referral Links will give you extra Cash to make your appointments, buy extra clothes, get you to your auditions and more.

We are not going to put much of our movies, scenes, and content on these pages. Neither are we going to post our Busines Model. But it is complete now. It is written somewhere: ” He who hesitates is Lost “. We are opening up a great opportunity to talent. The first one’s that get involved, many will be hits like the cast from Cheers, Freinds, Mash and more. Times are changing though those shows were cool they don’t match our likes of today. We believe in the average person that works at a chain restaurant, your local lounge, Karaoke stars all over America. Jump on our train, we are trying to go somewhere, somewhere fun, decent, G-rated and in the movies. John Roark owner of this revolution.