John Here,

It is a pleasure to chat with all the individuals wanting to be Talent Recruiters.

You told me a little bit about you. Now let me tell you a little bit about me. I sold Signs. Lighted signs for 22 years across America. I have signs still in 22 states. I worked with Signtronix out of California and still feel they have the best signs made in the world. I have been Married for 28 years and Jamie and I have 7 daughters. They are all in our movie ” Trip to the Trampoline “. You can rent it for $2 on We have a business that goes from Nashville to Crossville

My passion if for the Starving Artist. And I’m not talking about not enough gigs to get by on. I’m talking about not getting credit where credit is due. Working those gigs where when you look into the tip jar there isn’t enough to make it home for gas.

So I have created a way for Talent and Recruiters to make a few hundred dollars extra a week and maybe a ton more but it’s not about the money. It’s about being a part of a creative team that works together, will be helping each other get better at our talents and help one another realize you have more than you even knew.

If you talked to me in the last couple days and are ready to work with us Send us;


This is just to get an overview of who you are.

Full name


(We want your address so we can send you gifts, or checks, we hope to send your checks by PayPal but we will mail them to you also)


Phone Number again, we will just text you typically

And tell us about you.



I wrote this before Many of you were born:

It’s just an imaginary Flower, I started to pick it but didn’t have the Power.

Now I’m telling you I touched it. Hoping it will touch you.

A card, a line in a movie a scene in a Music video of a guy telling His girl He loves her .

This is a description of who is involved in a film. So as a recruiter everyone is important. So one girl may not be that funny but she is trying. But writers mixed with her could be the ticket. How about a beautiful model and a very heavy lady. They both are walking down the street and children shoot them with a ray that makes them strike a pose. Someone could be funny, What if you did the same scene with 20 or 30 girls. It doesn’t matter who is the best it’s the process of getting there. I love car Karaoke check it out on youtube. It would be a great time to post our own, it makes an interesting show of Talent. And it is in…

We love Brandy with a Scottish accent. When you can make children laugh you can move the world.

We filmed this on the 4th of July, could it be made funny, more romantic, it starts with talent, writers and the right place in Nashville for the 4th of July if you don’t mind being around 100,00o others. So join us on the 4th this year, remember we are making movies and Music Videos.