Money Comes after the performance is clean. It is 2nd or 3rd on the list but we have marketing capability that is top notch.

Your family comes first, Your God if you are a believer, Our stuff is the fun stuff that if we do good, money will follow. – John Roark and family

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It would be hard to make them work on your own. We are building Our Team

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We have one of the Most Powerful 

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Singers, Dancers, Actors, Writers  and More

Look at this First: www.AGoodJob.Us  We own

Then look at our other page This  is a self-evaluation. Take a good look at yourself through these questions. Then get back to us.

We want to Help You Fit in with us!

Let us appoint a  Talent recruiter to You!

Marrisa Phillips was a paid Job
She is Lauren our Daughter

Most Images of Talent on this page have contributed to our movies and music!

When a Talent Applies we require you give us your Phone, Facebook, and other Information. We only Text you and don’t call you

Unless you give us permission to Call

Our Developers will update Your Portfolio Page as you give us New Information, Pictures, and Links to Your Singing and Talent.

All Photos and Videos on this page have contributed to Music, Acting, Singing, Photos that may appear in our upcoming Music Videos and Movies.

We may use autotune in some of our Music for some of our musicians. We are in the Video Business

Join our Creative Team For Free we will do as much as we can to update your Portfolio page. We only do G rated to Pg13 movies. That is it. We may do higher rating but it will have to be acceptable for the script and probably on in True story Documentaries or movies.

If You want an Assistant appointed to you – We call them Recruiters Let us Know

Need an assistant - or Recruiter - "We are not selling Anything to You!"

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The Founding Members will always make the highest percentage! – John 888 288 0024 Remember your Recruiters Name

Carpool Karaoke Coming soon with our Jag

Damaris Rock


One of our Web Developers pays for Referrals

Sometimes People make $125 and up in less than 5 minutes.

If interested for recruiting Web sites call me. 888 288 0024 Say you First name when prompted!   Thanks John, Jamie, Lauren, and Angelica or Jelly is her nickname
Leave a message if we cant pick up

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