Abe Lincoln always Carried a Harmonica

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You help put a Harmonica in a homeless person hands

Help them be entertainers!

Harmonicas ForTheHomeless.com

You can actually Sync these two videos

To Play Together

It looks like this!  But sounds much better when you sync them on this web page.

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John and Jamie Roark and our 7 Daughters have given out Harmonicas in the Nashville area. You can learn to play harmonica pretty quick and our idea is to help the homeless have a talent they could share.

Meet Red -Our first person to recieve a free Harmonica. www.harmonicasforthehomeless.com

Posted by John Roark on Saturday, July 25, 2015

Red was the first person we gave a harmonica too. There is estimated to be half million homeless today and sorry to say it’s growing.

I carry a dremal and engrave my name and theirs, our 888 number is engraved, so they can let us know how the playing is going. his name is john

Posted by John Roark on Saturday, July 25, 2015

We met Scott Below in Georgia coming back From Florida over Thanksgiving. Scott has been homeless for 4 years. Doesn’t
have documentation of his birth or any identity . Imagine how easy it would be to lose everything after 4 years on the streets.
He is on his way to Florida , Good choice as cold as it is getting up north here. Our harmonicas will give enjoyment for times of
long waits on life as one who travels on foot across the nation has little he can take with him. I shared with him that Abraham
Lincoln use to carry a harmonica…  John Roark

Feel Free to contact us at our 888 288  0024 number, State your name and we may have time to pick up or leave a message.

Or Email us john@goodmorning.am