Tìm kiếm ca sĩ từ khắp nơi trên thế giới để hát bài hát “Một thế giới nhỏ bé của trẻ thơ”  Chúng tôi sở hữu bài hát này và đang tìm kiếm tiếng Việt

Featured  Video

The Effect we have on Others Is

The most valuable

Currency we Have!

                 Jim Carrey

” What do They Need, That Your Talent Can Provide? ” Quote from Jim Carrey 

You are the Closest to: “America’s Got Talent” On our site as you may ever get! But soon we will  be overwhelmed

WIth people wondering who works best for What project.   John Roark

When we put others before ourselves we become someone Better! – John Roark

We are producers of cool G rated Movies

Because there are 1000s and 1000s of Marketers just Like me

With a  company called Power lead System 

We can duplicate  a very complex series of pages in

10 seconds and use it for our own. Click on Superman to see!

This is Jamie!

All the Scenes in these clips were shot by me

John owner of this site.

The scene with the huge big screen concert Screens all the shots

Were shot with the same camera.

We are looking for 100 other people 

To join our team of Making 1 to 10 movies 

A year so we can profit off of one another films

And share equipment, footage, talent and more. 

Anyone in the world that has access to the Internet

Can be a part of our team as long as your intention

Is to produce or be a part of wholesome, Family Films!

John Roark



Interesting Sites!

This system (Power Lead System)

Will Fund everything extra we want to do.

Stop trying to save money

This system can create anyone’s  Cash Flow 

 First Goal is $600 extra dollars  month

3-year goal – is $20,000 a month

Bet Your Wife… Funny Stuff

Featured Producer, We hope to be working with soon.

Our Daughters went up and met Amilcar and

His Daughter Look forward to Working with Him!

Thanks Amilcar for having us in your home!

 How a movie Editor tells his wife to pick up bread!

We have enough Footage of Butterflies

We could feature a Movie

Going to RIcky Scruggs Recording Studio Click Here

In Smithville Tn

Audition on Phone Click Here 

 To do a sound staging of 6 songs
Monday July 10 th 2017 Thursday Ricky Skruggs Studio at 10 am
Ricky Played the Bass with Aarron Tippon

Knoxville.Fm bought a  $5000 camera about 8 Years ago

Though we have thousands of hours of film we are committed to

2 projects

One – Full Featured Film – This will be our Signature Film

And a 5 Minute Music video

This will be a sample of what

All of our music videos will be like.

Some parts of these  scenes that may be in our  Movies

Some of our friends

Knoxvillefm’s Drone footage

One of our 7 daughters

We filmed  this live at Disney , footage was handheld

Our First movie was on Amazon for 7 years

We have recently taken it off to have a 2nd edition

Our first failed movie Songwriter

7 years later we are ready to rock and roll

Lovely 7, who’s talking to us in numbers?

This is the quality of one of our cameras

but remember youtube compresses the film

This if Full Hd – not cell Phone HD – Pro Camera

Now we have 4 K  Wow – We have shot about 12 weddings

One of Jamie’s Favorite clips

Shot by a Phone

Everyone would like to have

Talent this good!

But we are looking for New Talent

That has never had public attention

And Any level of G-rated talent





Enjoy Bruno Mars Cool Video

This is a simple form of our Business Model. We will take original songs and have many versions to be sold as Music Videos

One Music Video – Two More Unique version of it.

We could have One original song with a 

hundred versions of the same song. Why – So almost anyone can participate. Part Marketing- Part sharing to your friends and family

This is a capture page or Fan Page

We soon will have 100’s of  Portfolio page and then Thousands

All of your individual pages will reach your fan base

And thousands and thousands of Communications Pages

Will benefit our company and our projects and You

Click Here

To Start your Free Talent Page Or Become a Talent Recruiter 

Get a Free Portfolio Page Called A Money Bearing Page

Be on our Creative Team. This is not a search for the best performer, this is a search for available performers. We will be creating portfolios for individuals for free. The portfolios will be giving as clear of a  description of your talent or desired placement in a movie. Whether it would be for a Model, Actress, Writer, Dancer or whatever your talent could be for a movie set. A Director, Producer etc.

We have a movie on Amazon now you can rent or buy. We are in the process of creating about 7 movies but we also are in touch with other producers.

Looking for Story writers and Readers for our Site , l www.LiveBedtimeStories.com underdevelopment. We will use this as part of your portfolio pages.

We will use our Jaguar For Our Singers in Central Nashville area to Record Car Pool

Central Nashville area to Record Car Pool Karaoke

Click Here For Samples 

Where Radio, Businesses, Singers and Models come together!

We also own www.agoodjob.us Click Here

Don’t Be A Chicken! You’re Talent is Worth Looking at!
To view on Phone Click here
This Chicken Plays America The Beautiful

From Fan to Model.

Become Jamie’s fan ( and become part of our movies, Your photos in your new dress ) We buy you a dress From LOVELYE . Why?

We are testing out our electronic relationship with them. You pick the dress under $20, we will order it. Video our part in that fits the script. Send you the dress. You take some pictures striking a pose and the photos will be in our upcoming movie and we will share how you can make money with our free money bearing site for our talent.

All we ask is you Try.

Darci Lynne: 12-Year-Old Singing Ventriloquist Gets

Golden Buzzer – America’s Got Talent 2017

How to Fry Shrimp in 4 Seconds!

Note: Our Business Model will be Songs we own or Buy the rights to.

Will be performed by individuals around the world Like You!

We will sell Dvd’s and Cd’s where everyone involved will have their own Web site to promote and Make Money.

Join Our Creative Team!

Looking for Singers that will be represented in our Portfolio pages.

You Must Supply content of Photos, recent video taken with paper showing date,

Feel Free to use your cell phone, Fill out the rest of info on the page .

Meet Lauren with one of Her Kids

She is a Princess and as Lovely as a Heart

As She is Beautiful     Click here To see How we Plan to 

Help her Become a Volunteer To Hospitals

We are looking for dependable Talent. Send us your best email, Samples of what you look like right now. Samples of your talent.

We prefer your Cell Number so we can text you. If you want to chat with someone who already is working with us let us know and we can send you their contact info.

John R.

Owner , Producer , Director

Angelica Known to most as Jelly. Angelica developed a brain disease at 7 months. Jamie and I stayed home and fed her through a tube for a year and a half. Jelly went blind, deaf, and body jerked all the time. Movie coming soon! Wanna be in it. Talk to us. Angelica – Never ate any food by mouth for close to a year and a half the documentary is the amazing story of goodness as the world around her hoped she wouldn’t die but the best doctors in the world sent her home with hospice.

The four girls are in a movie in production searching the world to find the Elvis that never died.  A Fun family movie, comedy but not making fun of Elvis in any way.  Using Elvis’s generousness as a base to a movie that will refer to Elvis as a person with great Character that even the memories of him can change the world around us.

We have many parts for this movie: Singers, of all ages, Many extras, in person and online.  We will need an audience staged in multiple areas of the world. We will either hire production companies to record these or send equipment to a location to record.

We will initially create Music Videos and introduce new music into Purchasable Video Performances and background information in the videos that share how it was created and much of the fun stuff getting to the end result: A Music Video-worthy of owning. We will share links on everyone’s private page for marketing where each person working with us will share in the profits for anything ordered from their micro site which will be for Talent to have extra money for traveling, Clothes, part of your costume for a scene etc.

Our Movies will be rated G Open to all family Members to watch. We may do other ratings in the future if the script would demand it.

The Talent portfolios are open for Worldwide Talent. Even if we can’t write you in to perform live we will have many cases where you can perform with American Talent in a scene where your performance is by video communication written in the scene as the easiest way to work with someone without the expense of the travel.

John R.

Another Blessing

Bedtime Stories will be part of our auditions. Make up a story, read a story, it will become a unique part of our service to the world. We will have live bedtime stories featured by our creative team.

Meet Fatema. A young 20-year-old with much promise from India. She has already made money with us and we have never met her in person and may never. She will be in New York area we hope to meet her in person but our timing and her timing may not allow this.

She is a Singer, She follows direction and has a tremendous amount of talent to offer.We hope to have her involved in our – A child’s little world performance and Dvd that will be in our affiliate program that will be available to all of our talent, fans and more in the near future.

Actress Singer Extra

Fatema has been chosen by KnoxvilleFm sponsored by Us and Will be in our Worldwide paper and will receive a $50.00 Bonus!

We give out Harmonicas in the Nashville area. www.harmonicasforthehomeless.com 


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